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SAG contract deal

April 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Well it looks like SAG and the AMPTP have reaches a tentative deal. From what I have been reading it is nothing more than the deal that was offered back in June. This was not the time to fight for a bigger “piece of pie” they should have been happy that they were even offered something to eat. I know that is harsh but sometimes you need to figure out that you have no chance of getting what you want. The deal will be shared with the Union tomorrow and will probably be voted on in the next few weeks. Then things should start picking-up and not to soon. I expect this to take a few months to get going, because of logistics, but that is how it works.  I don’t think there were any winners here but the Producers have saved millions that they will not have to pay back, so I guess somebody one something.

For a great blog on what this deal is all about read Jonathan Handel’s take on this.  His blog is at:

I think we will learn more about this come next week…