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Backstory – Lethal Weapon 2 – toilet shot

 I am playing on the net and see that Lethal Weapon 2 is on TNT and I remembered a story that an old WB guard friend told me about. When Danny Glover is stuck on the pot due to it being rigged with dynomite he gets ripped off by Mel and the toilet is shot thru the window and drops from the sky onto the hood of his station wagon. The story is there was a bet going on between the FX guys, the director, Richard Donner and some other crew members. Most did not think that the gag could be pulled off and work as it was suppose to. The pool of cash got up to over $2000, and the bet was they could not hit the car on the 1st take. What the others didn’t know was that the FX guys had done all the projected arc math and had practiced the “shitter shot” a few times back at their shop and knew that they could pull it off. I think that Richard Donner even doubled the bet so this was a fairly big amount of cash back then. Well the FX guys did pull off the shot on the first take and got their cash. Kind of an amazing shot when you look at it in the movie…just wanted to share this backstory with all.


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