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Matt Damon – Lifetime Achievement Award from American Cinematheque


OK, this is pretty depressing. I just keep getting older while showbiz lifetime achievement award winners just keep getting younger. We all know that in its quest for a big TV payday, the AFI has turned itself into a laughingstock in recent years by snubbing all sorts of deserving Hollywood creative giants in favor of middle-aged lightweights (this year's honoree being Michael Douglas).

But now, according to Variety, the American Cinematheque is handing out a lifetime achievement award to the still-boyish Matt Damon, who at 38 is younger than about half of the New York Yankees outfield.

The award dinner will be broadcast March 27 on ABC, which is the real tip-off to what's going on. In recent years, Cinematheque shows honoring the slightly more mature Julia Roberts and Samuel L. Jackson — who was in his late 50s when he received his honor — were televised on the AMC channel. But now that the Cinematheque has landed a bigger, A-list honoree, it gets to step up from the cable minor leagues to network big time.

Imagine the possibilities: If the Cinematheque could deliver Megan Fox or Kristen Stewart next year, it could probably get Fox to put the show on right after "American Idol."

Photo of Matt Damon by Axel Schmidt / AFP/Getty Images.

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