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Jay Leno Is the Future of TV – Time Magazine


Jay Leno is proudly featured on the latest cover of Time magazine.

Pretty good looking for a guy about to head over the hill (He’s pushing the beginning of his 60s.)!

During the interview, Jay gives some insight on his love of television, saying:

“We don’t gather anymore. It’s the difference between standing outside a comedy club and looking through the window and standing on the other side of the wall in the room. The experience is a hundred times better when you’re in the room because you’re part of a communal thing with other people. And that’s what TV is to me, a gathering place.”

Well said.

He was also asked about the likelihood that his new show, The Jay Leno Show (which premieres next Monday) will be the last TV show he does.

Leno admits:

“I have no idea. I’d like it to be… Probably. I mean, I’m 59. I’m glad I’m in a young man’s game and competing, and that’s all good. I don’t like trying to act younger than I am. You just do what you do, and hopefully people will like it.”

We hope people will like it too. We think the show could be a huge success, if people are open to it.

Are U excited about Jay’s new show?

Posted: September 3, 2009 at 5:15 pm

That is a shame. Nothing against Jay, there are no bad stories out their about him. He is a genuine nice guy. But NBC is doing this for one reason and one reason only and that is to save money. I get that to a point but if you made great “Drama” shows people would watch. This is just a sign of defeat without putting up a fight. Then 1000’s of people who work “below the line” are out of work, yeah it sucks…

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