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Martin Scorsese Picks 11 Scariest Horror Movies of All Time!

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October 30, 2009
Source: The Daily Beast
by Alex Billington

Martin Scorsese

If there is anyone I would want to choose what movies I watch this Halloween weekend (besides Stephen King or Wes Craven), I’d want it to be Oscar winning director Martin Scorsese. He’s a genius filmmaker and I’m sure he knows great horror when he sees it. I think this would’ve been much better coordinated if his new movie Shutter Island was actually out in theaters (damn you Paramount), but either way this is a great list. The Daily Beast asked Scorsese to choose some horror movies for Halloween and he came up with his own list of the 11 Scariest Horror Movies of All Time. Read on to see what great classics he chose!

1. The Haunting (Robert Wise, 1963)
2. Isle of the Dead (Mark Robson, 1945)
3. The Uninvited (Lewis Allen, 1944)
4. The Entity (Sidney J. Furie, 1981)
5. Dead of Night (Alberto Cavalcanti, 1945)
6. The Changeling (Peter Medak, 1980)
7. The Shining (Stanley Kubrick, 1980)
8. The Exorcist (William Friedkin, 1973)
9. Night of the Demon (Jacques Tourneur, 1957)
10. The Innocents (Jack Clayton, 1961)
11. Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock, 1960)

Scorsese provides a brief bit of commentary on each of them over on The Daily Beast. He mainly mentions, for most of them, that it’s not about what you see, but what you don’t see. For example, his thoughts on The Shining: “I never read the Stephen King novel, I have no idea how faithful it is or isn’t, but Kubrick made a majestically terrifying movie, where what you don’t see or comprehend shadows every move the characters make.” For anyone that saw Paranormal Activity, that was why that movie was so scary. I hope this has given you some good ideas for great films to watch, whether it be for Halloween this weekend, or anytime.

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Virtual Newsstand:, October 2009 Issue

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October 2009


The Educator
An Education star Peter Sarsgaard never takes the easy way out. We delve inside the mind of a consummate actor who vows, ‘no comic book villains for me.”

Zombie House Rules
Ruben Fleischer had no way of knowing whether or not he had a monster hit on his hands with Zombieland. Turns out he did.

Who’s That Boy?
There’s no wonder there’s a rumbling around British charmer Dominic Cooper.

Cool Dads Rule
We get to know Ty Burrell — who plays the hilariously dorky dad on ABC’s Modern Family, one of the few bright spots of the fall TV season.

Little Miss Everywhere
Since bursting onto the scene in 2006’s Little Miss Sunshine, Abigail Breslin has seemingly cornered the market on parts for precocious pre-teen girls. But Zombieland gives her something new to do: kill with chilling efficiency.

File this in Just Crazy Enough to Work: Paul Schrader, the man who wrote Taxi Driver and directed American Gigolo, is trying his hand at Bollywood.

Puzzle Man
The only Tobin Bell interview you’ll ever need.

This Interview Will Self-Destruct in 5 Seconds
Peter Graves celebrates his 60th year in showbiz with a star on the Walk of Fame — and a fascinating chat with us.

Solo Flight
Flight of the Conchords’ Jemaine Clement breaks out on his own in Gentlemen Broncos.

What’s Hanging?
Hung star Thomas Jane on speaking funnily and carrying a big stick.

We corner behind-the-camera action hero John Woo to find out why he hasn’t made a Hollywood film since 2003’s Paycheck.

Michael Jai White and Scott Sanders, the guys who brought you side-splitting blaxsploitation send-up Black Dynamite, on the art of pitch-perfect grindhouse parody.

Lone’s Voice
One of a strong ‘09 class of female directors, helmer Lone Scherfig is ready to school us about An Education.

School of White
Quirky writer/actor/director Mike White on the perils of snake-wrangling and the status of The School of Rock 2.

Standing Up For Basterds
Quentin Tarantino’s right-hand man, Lawrence Bender, gives us an insider’s-view of what it took to get Inglourious Basterds to the finish line.

And Juliette is the Sun
She’s been called rocker, style icon, Hollywood bad girl — but just like you, Juliette Lewis just wants to be loved.

Out of the Norm
Want to know more about Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat, the two kids in microbudget horror phenom Paranormal Activity? Now’s your chance.

The Sinner Man
Boondock Saints director Troy Duffy talks about rounding up the gang for the pulpy sequel.


Face the Nation
Scientology Spokesman Tommy Davis: The Movieline Intervention

But Is It Bad?
This Is It: A FAQ For the Doubting Moviegoer

Do the Right Thing
Is Law Abiding Citizen a Republican Revenge Fantasy?

Girl on Girl
How Do the Greatest TV Lesbian Kisses of All Time Compare to Heroes’?

The Vicky Letters
David Letterman’s Love Letters to Stephanie Birkitt: A Movieline Reenactment

Paper Invitations
Six Milestone Moments of the Jim and Pam Office Boremance

TV on the Console
5 of Our Favorite Horrible TV-to-Video Game Adaptations

Shingles At 11
How Does ‘Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder’ Stack Up Against Past ‘SNL Weekend Update’ Afflictions?

Forraging With Bill
Movieline Burrows to the Heart of Bill ‘Badger’ Murray

When Werewolves Go Wrong: 9 Awkward Images From the First New Moon Clip

The Talented Mr. Ridley
Know Your Ridley Scott Projects That Will Probably Never Happen

A Dispiriting List of Girl-Targeted Movies That Opened Better Than Whip It

vs. Abel II

The Voltaggio Brothers: A 2010 Movieline Wall Calendar

London Calling
A Clooney-Eyed View of Fantastic Mr. Fox’s World Premiere


Roman Roundup: Just How Much Did Polanski Pay His Victim, Anyway?

Roman Polanski Denied Bail, Granted Star on Poland’s Walk of Fame

As Expected, Roman Polanski Fares Poorly on To Catch a Predator

‘Hollywood’ Fights Back Against Haters in Roman Polanski Saga

Depressed Roman Polanski Could Do Without Pervy French Pol’s ‘Counter-Productive’ Support

Roman Polanski to Complete Latest Film From Jail

Roman Polanski Leaves Jail For ‘Medical Attention’; Competing Fest Crows

Swiss Court Still Not Buying Roman Polanski’s Bail Plea

Roman Polanski’s Lawyer on Surrender: Never Mind

Roman Polanski Faces 2-Year Prison Term as US Requests Extradition

Roman Roundup: Jail Pics, Swiss Backlash, Bail Rejected (Again)


In Theaters

This Is It
Black Dynamite
Law Abiding Citizen
Where the Wild Things Are
A Guitar Hero Commercial (aka Couples Retreat)
An Education
Good Hair
The House of the Devil

An Alan Smithee Column: By Mark Lisanti

Scenes From A Hastily Manufactured TV Romance: Jon – Kate + Octomom
Unlocking The Secrets Of The First A-Team Image
Mad Men Power Rankings, Week 10: ‘Enjoy The World As It Is, Margaret. They’ll Change It And Never Give You A Reason.’
Movieline Inbox: Wes Anderson’s Directing E-Mails to the Fantastic Mr. Fox Set
Movieline Ombudsman: Our Official FTC Disclosures About Factors Possibly Impacting Our Coverage

The Cold Case

Night of the Creeps
Shoot ‘Em Up

Bad Movies We Love

Godmonster of Indian Flats
9 Werewolves Lamer Than New Moon’s Wimpwolf

Letter From London

‘Beware the Moon, Lads’

The WHOLE DAMN Issue Online. Pretty cool…

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Writer Found For ‘Men In Black 3′

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Men In Black 3 - Etan Cohen

Back in April we reported on news from the Sony ShoWest presentation that the studio was developing a script for a third Men in Black movie, something which built on the rumors from over a year ago that franchise stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones were interested in suiting up for some alien escapades once more. Fast forward to now and an update has come out that Men In Black 3 has found its writer in the form of Tropic Thunder screenwriter, Etan Cohen (not to be confused with one half of the famous Coen brothers, Ethan).

Variety is reporting that Columbia Pictures (which Sony owns) has tapped Cohen to pen the script, but beyond that no deals have been made for either Smith or Jones to reprise their roles. Although I’d be very surprised if the studio didn’t have talks going on with the two stars to come back for another if they’ve already got the screenwriter sorted out. Unfortunately the studio is currently staying tight-lipped as to the direction they’re going with the story of MIB 3. Let the speculation begin :) .


What Columbia has working in its advantage even more than it did when the last Men In Black came out, is the fact that Smith is now a mega movie star, being pretty much the only true bankable name right now (in every genre). I’ve said it before but look at the numbers: his last 8 movies have reached the $100 million mark (worldwide), that’s including the dramas Seven Pounds and The Pursuit of Happyness – put pretty much ANYONE else in those lead roles and they wouldn’t have gotten close to that level of financial success.

As Variety notes, this MIB move is similar to the one they made with the Ghostbusters franchise, that is when they brought on The Office scribes, Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky to pen the script to the third one (It’s coming, we’ve been told over and over…). Columbia has few franchises at this point, with the shortlist including MIB, Spider-Man and Ghostbusters (not that I’m discounting them). Funny enough, Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis’ first ghost-busting antics was the studio’s biggest grossing film before, you guessed it, Men In Black came along. And then their Spider-Man came along and took the top spot for them. Funny how the movie business works sometimes, isn’t it?…

The first MIB was written by Ed Solomon, the man who wrote the Bill & Ted movies. For some reason they didn’t bring him back for the sequel, instead opting for Robert Gordon (Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events) and Barry Fanaro (I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry… ouch…). In my opinion, it definitely showed since Men In Black II was a big step down from the first one (although I had fun with it in a guilty pleasure sort of way).

Personally, I think Cohen is a fine choice to write the script for MIB 3 (III?). He’s written some genuinely entertaining stuff, not the least of which was last year’s Tropic Thunder (although he co-wrote it with Ben Stiller and Justin Theroux), as well as King of the Hill and Beavis & Butthead. Madagascar 2 is the only one that sticks out from his resume, but apart from that, so far Cohen has proven himself a worthy screenwriter. I still would prefer they went back to Solomon, but still…

Men In Black 2

I can’t say I would be overly excited for Men In Black 3, but I guess I wouldn’t mind it either. What would make it drop from sitting on the fence into the “not interested” side would be if Smith and Jones didn’t come back. To me it wouldn’t make sense for it to be about two new Agents, at least not at this point. I realize that if they make more and more of them beyond number three that they can’t always have those two headlining, but I think if they’re passionate enough for third go, that they should use the two already established characters and actors.

It’s also the only way I think they’ll really make much money – if the general movie going audience saw ads for MIB 3 and it was sans Smith and Lee, I really think a lot of people would opt out of handing over their hard earned money to watch it. Even if Smith demands a hefty paycheck to come back for another, I think him (with his audience drawing power) and the established franchise recognition will let it do very well at the box office. I just wonder if they can come close to the almost $600 million and the almost $450 million that the first and second movies made, respectively.

As with so much, only time will tell…

What do you think of the writer attached to write Men In Black 3? Would you pay to see the movie if Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones weren’t in it?

No release date has been set for Men In Black 3. Stay tuned.

Source: Variety

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Web Series ‘Broken Toy’ Looks Promising…I don't know what to think of this but it looks cool..

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There are a lot of independent film makers in the world and most of them never get a chance to have their materials shown to a wide audience. That is until the Internet and YouTube came along and completely changed the rules of the movie game. It used to be that if you were lucky enough to attend an entire film festival, then you could watch one or two short films or low budget films that were very good but no distributor wanted to pick up.

That is not the case anymore because student and indie film makers can just put their stuff up for streaming and downloading for cheap or free and allow viral marketing to take over. I’m not knocking big budget films, but with only a few exceptions many of them are all budget and no substance.

We get a lot of requests here at Screen Rant to help pitch or review smaller projects, but most of them aren’t really a fit for our site or aren’t something we’re interested in covering — so we reply politely and wish the film maker luck. However, enter Forewarned Films and their web series Broken Toy.  They just released their first episode and while being very low budget, it sure doesn’t look like it. It also piqued our interest enough to let you know about it.

It’s only five minutes long but in that five minutes you get a real sense of what direction the story will or could go. Check it out:

I think this series has the potential to be very interesting and entertaining. They use a simple set, interesting dialog and solid performances to deliver the information required to tell a story without spoon feeding the plot to their audience. I personally find it insulting when directors and writers deem it necessary to throw in the description of a plot as if viewers aren’t smart enough to figure it out themselves.

From this beginning we can’t tell if it’s going to be a horror, sci-fi or action story but we know something violent is going on because of the blood-covered fellow. The only name we are given is that of Sgt. Emerson (David Westberg) but we get the impression that he is very familiar with the young man cooking, covered in blood, talking about conspiracies. What “procedure” is he referring to? It obviously sped up the young man’s metabolism along with his reflexes and coordination.

Forewarned Films is a fledging indie group made up of Matt Clouston (the young man), Letia Miller-Clouston (director), Chris Burgon (cinematography). Matt wrote the script and Brian Luna helped work on the story.  Matt sent me this statement:

“We have ten episodes lined up, each one designed to push us a little more.  Bigger casts, bigger effects, etc.  Which is hard to live up to but I believe it was Winston Churchill who said, ‘Bite off more than you can chew and then chew it’.”

What is Forewarned Films’ motivation behind making this series and what are their expectations?

“We made BROKEN TOY for little to no budget and are expecting no money back.  We’re not trying to sell it or spin it into something huge… our one and only goal right now is to entertain people.”

Consider me entertained. Of course I’m sure another goal is to get their names out there in hopes of scoring a paying project. :)

The 2nd episode has already been shot and the finishing touches are being done now with hopes of putting out a new one every 3 to 4 weeks. Episode 3 is lined up to film November 8th and 9th. I plan on watching the entire series, unless the story starts to fall off the tracks, but so far that doesn’t seem likely to happen.  Look to Screen Rant every 3 – 4 weeks for new episodes to be posted.

What did you think of Broken Toy? Did you find it worth watching — and will you watch more episodes?

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Great Blog post By Kurt Sutter. He is Exec Pro. of Sons of Anarchy and used to be Exec. Pro. of 'The Shield' (My favorite Drama of all time) Check out his Blog and read this post..

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I’m clearly an outspoken guy. Just my nature. I have a big personality. I can either fill up a room or suck the life out of it. Honestly, it’s all ego. I just assume people need to hear what I have to say. It’s becoming clear to me that other than my family (and they have to listen to me) and a handful of people on Twitter, Blogger and Facebook, most people don’t need to hear what I have to say. In fact my reps and network would kinda wish I’d just shut the fuck up.

One thing I’ve realized over the years is that I do best when I follow my gut. So far, it’s served me well. In life and in my work. I’ve never made a career choice based on a career choice. It’s always been about the project. I stayed on The Shield for seven seasons because in my opinion there was no better show on TV. I created Sons not because there was a demand for an outlaw motorcycle show, but because I loved the world. I take on movie projects because they excite me not because they advance me.

But my gut-following often leads me into a thrusting closed-fist. My lawyer has a saying — Don’t wound anything you can’t kill. Sound advice. I’m trying to take it to heart. At the moment, my world is littered with the bloody and the pissed. My recent blog posts have created a flurry of fan mail (writers) and hate mail (network executives). I’m used to getting death threats. I’m averaging three or four a season, usually from schizoid inmates who demand a piece of my paycheck because the Virgin Mother whispered the idea for SOA to them in a dream. But this is the first time terminal harm was tossed at me from a 130 pound, lipstick-wielding, Chanel-wearing, development executive. Quite honestly, she was much more frightening than the inmates. And I must admit, very sexy, in a — I’ll-fuck-your-brains-out-then-bash-your-brains-in kinda way. She stopped me today as I was getting off my Harley outside a Starbucks in Burbank and asked me if I was Kurt Sutter. She was too old to be a friend of my daughter’s and too young to be anyone I ever dated. I assumed she was a fan. I was wrong. She was a development executive at a network. She wished me dead. Literally. Said I was a dick and she hoped I crashed and died on my Harley. My first thought was, maybe I did date her. She’s fucking crazy enough. That was my main dating criteria before I met Katey. Then she mentioned my blog. Now I understood. Apparently some bigger websites picked up excerpts of my previous blog and my “why network dramas suck” diatribe went far and wide. The following was roughly my conversation with this lovely young woman.

KS: What was wrong with the blog? DG: You’re an asshole. Job is hard enough without arrogant pricks like you shouting bullshit from your fucking mountain top. Shows a hit. Big fucking deal. You’ll be crawling back to us when it’s not.

KS: You didn’t answer my question. DG: Everyone I work with is smart, well-educated and very story-savvy. We know how to do our jobs. Shit you said was general and ridiculous. You’ve never even developed at a network. How the fuck would you know?

KS: Where’s the proof? DG: What?

KS: Your proof that you’re smart, well-educated, story — DG: Fuck you.

KS: I’m serious. I want to believe you. You’re probably right. Name something on your schedule that you’re proud of. That’s original. Smart. Great stories. (She names two shows)

KS: First of all, I agree with you, (show 1) is original and interesting. So why are you pulling it off the air? DG: It’s not canceled.

KS: Of course it is. It’s been yanked from the schedule and replaced with reruns. (Silence)

KS: And (show 2)… c’mon, you were just honest enough to wish me dead and you’re gonna stand there and tell me you’re proud of that piece of shit. (More silence. Then –)

DG: We’ve got shows in development that I’m very proud of. Original. Smart. KS: That’s great. Then get ’em made. I fucking dare you — (She glares)

KS: I dare you to prove me a dick. Get those shows you love made. Fight for them. Don’t let anyone turn them into dreck. DG: (Dripping sarcasm) Yeah, okay. I’ll do my best.

KS: I have no doubt. (Silence)

KS: Can I buy you a coffee? DG: Fuck you. (She walks away)

KS: Did we ever date? (She almost smiles)

My point for bringing up this conversation is the very reason why I blog. I think it’s necessary for people to stir the fucking pot. Too many talented people in this town are content collecting a big fucking paycheck, hooking their fucking collar to the leash and getting in the fucking tow-line. People care less and less about originality. I see it happening all the time. Writers and directors whom I respect, taking big juicy overall deals, getting turned into machines churning out shit they wouldn’t have even watched five years prior. I get it, we all want the brass fucking ring, but at what cost? So what if I ruffle a few feathers, if I get one person thinking, questioning the system, then maybe I’ve said something worthwhile. Or maybe I should just shut the fuck up. Either way, I just hope I stay alive long enough to witness the change or lack there of.

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Watch This – Kevin Spacey's Uncanny Knack for Impersonations

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Kevin Spacey’s Impersonations

by Peter Hall Oct 29th 2009 // 4:45PM

Filed under: Fandom

Kevin Spacey is a talented actor, there’s no denying that, but who knew that the man of a million characters was also a man of a million impersonations? Oh, you did? Well, you must have already seen Spacey’s appearance on James Lipton’s “Inside the Actor’s Studio” from back in July of 2000. Or maybe you saw him in his great “Saturday Night Live” skit in which he does Christopher Walken auditioning for the role of Han Solo in Star Wars.Okay, so maybe it’s no big secret that the man who blindsided moviegoers in The Usual Suspects has a special talent for camouflaging himself in the skin of his acting peers, but it’s new to me, and that means it’s bound to be new to someone else. Below is a clip from Spacey’s aforementioned trip to the “Actor’s Studio” in which he goes along with a silly game of Lipton’s. What follows are six of the most charming minutes you’re bound to see all day, I promise.

Tons of people can do a Walken voice, but I’ve seen few impersonators who can not only tackle the audio side of things, but who can nail the mannerisms of their targets to boot. Yet along comes Spacey to absolutely kill it when it comes to capturing the characteristic nervous twitches of Jimmy Stewart, the shaky indignation of Katharine Hepburn, and the riled, restless behavior of Al Pacino. Those aren’t the only thespians he channels on the spot, but to give away all of them would be to ruin the surprises that show off the playful side of Kevin Spacey, a side most might know he has judging purely from his dramatic roles.

Enjoy the video after the jump.

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Ridley Scott Describes Alien Prequel to Empire Online

October 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Ridley Scott

Empire was talking with director Ridley Scott recently about his return to Alien, the sci-fi plus horror film that first catapulted him to fame. Earlier this year, the news broke that Scott would be coming back for a prequel chapter to Alien, which would be set long before the mess-yourself-terror of the 1979 original.

Ever since that news was confirmed, Alien fans have all been wondering what “Sir Ridley” had in mind for the prequel. Thanks to Empire, we now have at least some idea of what we can expect.

Said Scott:


“It’s a brand new box of tricks…We know what the road map is, and the screenplay is now being put on paper. The prequel will be a while ago. It’s very difficult to put a year on Alien, but [for example] if Alien was towards the end of this century, then the prequel story will take place thirty years prior.”

“I never thought I’d look forward to a sequel…But a prequel is kind of interesting. I’m looking forward to doing that.”

Many people have also been wondering if this prequel was going to explain the mysterious scene in the original Alien where the crew members found a non-human pilot crash landed on planet LV-426 with his chest burst out. According to Scott, the prequel will have a “human focus,” though what that means exactly is anyone’s guess at this point.

Alien Ash the Android

Ian Holm’s Ash set the stage for an Alien Prequel

In Alien, Ash (the android character played by Ian Holm), was missioned by the Mega-corporation Weyland-Yutani to bring the alien back alive. It was (semi) explained in the film that the corporation had made prior (unsuccessful) attempts to capture the alien; between that reference, and the logical deduction that a human exploration party must’ve made first contact with the aliens at some point for the mega corp to even know of their existence, let’s just say there is a lot of fertile ground on which to build this prequel.

Last word we heard, Ridley Scott (at the insistance of 20th Century Fox) will be back to helm the film, working off a screenplay by Jon Spaihts. I feel confident in saying that there are a LOT of us out here eagerly anticipating seeing this particular prequel.

No word on when Alien 0 will be terrifying us in theaters. As stated by Scott, it’s currently in development.

Source: Empire

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