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The McNugget Protest – PETA Takes on Jay Leno – One more example that shows these people are nuts.


Shannon Cottrell

​Today, at the entrance of NBC Studios, PETA protestors answered the age-old question, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” They were protesting The Jay Leno Show after a recent McDonald’s promotional campaign ruffled the fowls’ feathers. The fast food institution has become the focal point of PETA’s long-running McCruelty campaign for what the animal-rights group charges, per a recent press release, is “its failure to adopt more humane slaughter methods.” Protestors dressed in fluffy chicken costumes held signs that read “McCruelty, I’m hatin’ it” and, special for this occasion, “McDonald’s Nothing But Cruelty,” with NBC’s peacock decapitated and turned upside down.


Shannon Cottrell

PETA members waved signs up and down South Bob Hope Drive, outside of the studio’s audience holding area, while passersby frequently honked with encouragement. The occasional shout of “You’re crazy” only made the chickens dance. To six-piece or not to six-piece? We’ll let you decide.


Shannon Cottrell


Shannon Cottrell


Shannon Cottrell


Shannon Cottrell


Shannon Cottrell

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These people have way to much time on their hands. They truly are nuts, worried about something like this. We have a War going on, hurt Veterans, homeless people and kids that need all kinds of help and these morons are worried about chickens getting their beaks cut-off. I have no time for these dipshits…

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