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Jay Leno Kills His First Scripted Drama: Southland

south_cancel.jpgWe’ve got our first Leno casualty, and it isn’t pretty: The NBC cop drama Southland, which premiered to good ratings in the ER time slot last spring, has been canceled. Yes, that’s before its already-delayed second season (for which the show has already completed six episodes) has even premiered. You’re going to want to read the excuse for this one, and THR has it:

While “Southland” has enjoyed strong support among NBC brass, after screening the finished episodes from the upcoming second season, the show’s content was deemed too dark and gritty for broadcast TV, especially for 9 p.m.

There is a possibility for the series starring Ben McKenzie to be shopped to cable networks.

The cancellation of “Southland” ends (for now) a long relationship between NBC and Wells, who has been behind some of NBC’s biggest series, including “ER” and “The West Wing,” for the past 15 years.

When Jay Leno met the press to defend the scripted dramas that couldn’t be produced for the 10pm hour in the wake of his Jay Leno Show, he pointed to basic cable, where the genre is thriving. Still, it’s rather stunning that NBC is already beginning to snuff out the dramas it does have (watch out, Law & Order franchise) simply because they don’t have enough ha-has to lead into Leno. Southland was a quality drama and an unusually intelligent one to come out of Ben Silverman’s reign. It deserved better.


Southland Canceled [THR]

I actually liked this show, much better than that crap “Trauma”. I know a few actors/stand-ins on the show and they were crushed when they heard the show was canceled today. NBC should have kept this show and canceled “Trauma”.

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