Home > NEWS STORY > Great Blog post By Kurt Sutter. He is Exec Pro. of Sons of Anarchy and used to be Exec. Pro. of 'The Shield' (My favorite Drama of all time) Check out his Blog and read this post..

Great Blog post By Kurt Sutter. He is Exec Pro. of Sons of Anarchy and used to be Exec. Pro. of 'The Shield' (My favorite Drama of all time) Check out his Blog and read this post..

I’m clearly an outspoken guy. Just my nature. I have a big personality. I can either fill up a room or suck the life out of it. Honestly, it’s all ego. I just assume people need to hear what I have to say. It’s becoming clear to me that other than my family (and they have to listen to me) and a handful of people on Twitter, Blogger and Facebook, most people don’t need to hear what I have to say. In fact my reps and network would kinda wish I’d just shut the fuck up.

One thing I’ve realized over the years is that I do best when I follow my gut. So far, it’s served me well. In life and in my work. I’ve never made a career choice based on a career choice. It’s always been about the project. I stayed on The Shield for seven seasons because in my opinion there was no better show on TV. I created Sons not because there was a demand for an outlaw motorcycle show, but because I loved the world. I take on movie projects because they excite me not because they advance me.

But my gut-following often leads me into a thrusting closed-fist. My lawyer has a saying — Don’t wound anything you can’t kill. Sound advice. I’m trying to take it to heart. At the moment, my world is littered with the bloody and the pissed. My recent blog posts have created a flurry of fan mail (writers) and hate mail (network executives). I’m used to getting death threats. I’m averaging three or four a season, usually from schizoid inmates who demand a piece of my paycheck because the Virgin Mother whispered the idea for SOA to them in a dream. But this is the first time terminal harm was tossed at me from a 130 pound, lipstick-wielding, Chanel-wearing, development executive. Quite honestly, she was much more frightening than the inmates. And I must admit, very sexy, in a — I’ll-fuck-your-brains-out-then-bash-your-brains-in kinda way. She stopped me today as I was getting off my Harley outside a Starbucks in Burbank and asked me if I was Kurt Sutter. She was too old to be a friend of my daughter’s and too young to be anyone I ever dated. I assumed she was a fan. I was wrong. She was a development executive at a network. She wished me dead. Literally. Said I was a dick and she hoped I crashed and died on my Harley. My first thought was, maybe I did date her. She’s fucking crazy enough. That was my main dating criteria before I met Katey. Then she mentioned my blog. Now I understood. Apparently some bigger websites picked up excerpts of my previous blog and my “why network dramas suck” diatribe went far and wide. The following was roughly my conversation with this lovely young woman.

KS: What was wrong with the blog? DG: You’re an asshole. Job is hard enough without arrogant pricks like you shouting bullshit from your fucking mountain top. Shows a hit. Big fucking deal. You’ll be crawling back to us when it’s not.

KS: You didn’t answer my question. DG: Everyone I work with is smart, well-educated and very story-savvy. We know how to do our jobs. Shit you said was general and ridiculous. You’ve never even developed at a network. How the fuck would you know?

KS: Where’s the proof? DG: What?

KS: Your proof that you’re smart, well-educated, story — DG: Fuck you.

KS: I’m serious. I want to believe you. You’re probably right. Name something on your schedule that you’re proud of. That’s original. Smart. Great stories. (She names two shows)

KS: First of all, I agree with you, (show 1) is original and interesting. So why are you pulling it off the air? DG: It’s not canceled.

KS: Of course it is. It’s been yanked from the schedule and replaced with reruns. (Silence)

KS: And (show 2)… c’mon, you were just honest enough to wish me dead and you’re gonna stand there and tell me you’re proud of that piece of shit. (More silence. Then –)

DG: We’ve got shows in development that I’m very proud of. Original. Smart. KS: That’s great. Then get ’em made. I fucking dare you — (She glares)

KS: I dare you to prove me a dick. Get those shows you love made. Fight for them. Don’t let anyone turn them into dreck. DG: (Dripping sarcasm) Yeah, okay. I’ll do my best.

KS: I have no doubt. (Silence)

KS: Can I buy you a coffee? DG: Fuck you. (She walks away)

KS: Did we ever date? (She almost smiles)

My point for bringing up this conversation is the very reason why I blog. I think it’s necessary for people to stir the fucking pot. Too many talented people in this town are content collecting a big fucking paycheck, hooking their fucking collar to the leash and getting in the fucking tow-line. People care less and less about originality. I see it happening all the time. Writers and directors whom I respect, taking big juicy overall deals, getting turned into machines churning out shit they wouldn’t have even watched five years prior. I get it, we all want the brass fucking ring, but at what cost? So what if I ruffle a few feathers, if I get one person thinking, questioning the system, then maybe I’ve said something worthwhile. Or maybe I should just shut the fuck up. Either way, I just hope I stay alive long enough to witness the change or lack there of.

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