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Letter from Chris Essel, who is running for LA City Counsel. What she plans on doing for all of us who work in Hollywood

The following was posted to our website SHOOTMOVIESINCALIFORNIA.COM
by someone named Jodi on behalf of Chris Essel,
We really appreciate this and want them to know that if Chris gets elected we look forward to working with her and holding her to all of these promises

I promise you that I will be the most effective representative the entertainment
industry could ever have on the Los Angeles City Council. I worked at Paramount Pictures for 31 years in a variety of positions having risen through the ranks to Senior Vice President, I chaired the California Film Commission for 9 years and have been a member for 15 years. I’m First Vice-Chair of FilmLA, I’ve worked on production and for small production companies – and my husband is an independent film director. I want to be an L.A. City Councilperson to preserve and grow film production right here in Los Angeles.

Things I want to accomplish include:

1. Fixing the CA film incentive bill to:
a. Include commercials and productions by mid-sized companies e.g. RSA/USA,
Summit Entertainment, etc. Right now, these companies are shut out of the process because they are not able to monetize the credit given how the billwas written.
b. We need to institute a cap on how much a production can receive so the studio pictures don’t consume most of the funding. We need to increase the number of films funded!
c. The amount of the annual incentive needs to be higher than $100 million. That
amount of money will run out mid-year and productions will be shut out of California
until the new fiscal year starts.

2. Getting the City of Los Angeles and its residents to value and encourage
production to remain in the City
a. We need film friendly policies – and we need to implement them, not just talk
about it. (See Councilmember Alarcon’s 18 point plan). Coming from the business world,
I am interested problem solving and taking action – not just issuing press releases.
b. We need a marketing campaign touting the economic benefits of production, which would serve to encourage neighborhoods and commercial property owners to be more cooperative with the production community.
c. We need an additional film incentive in the City of Los Angeles – the way the City
of New York is able to enhance the state’s incentive.

I am open to any and all ideas from those working in the business that can help us attract and retain productions in the city and, to that end, I plan to have an advisory committee to ensure that I am getting the proper input so we can continue to solve problems as they arise.

I am endorsed and supported by all 16 locals of the International Alliance of Theatrical
and Stage Employees (IATSE) and Teamsters 399 (Drivers, Location Managers and Casting Directors) along with many prominent individuals in the entertainment industry.

For a full list of endorsements please see my website at http://www.essel09.com

I urge you to vote for me, Christine Essel, on December 8, so the industry can have a representative with real entertainment industry experience on the L.A. City Council!

Posted via web from MovieDriver – Hollywood Teamster

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