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First Trailer and New Images from Ridley Scott’s ROBIN HOOD Starring Russell Crowe


The first trailer for Ridley Scott Robin Hood has come online and it looks like Universal is going to sell the film as Gladiator in medieval times.  I would say it looks like Kingdom of Heaven in England instead of Jerusalem.  Either way, you can’t sell a period action movie without rock music and the teaser rocks hard.  In all honesty, it’s not a bad trailer and I do like that it has almost no dialogue.

Some new images have landed online as well and they look a lot like what you would expect a “Robin Hood” movie to look like.  There’s horses, and corsets, and swords, and leather clothing, but in the context of a medieval time period and not a kinky sex club.    The images also give us the first real look at Cate Blanchett as Maid Marian and again, no surprised.  My big anxiety about Ridley Scott’s adaptation is we’re all going to be left wondering, “Why?”

Hit the jump to check out the trailer and the new images.  Robin Hood hits theaters on May 14, 2010.

[Update: You can now see the trailer in HD by clicking over to Apple]

To see the full gallery, click on over to Couriermail.com.au.





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