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Trailer – Nic Cage Displays Model Parenting in Kick-Ass

Posted by Neil Miller (neil@filmschoolrejects.com) on December 14, 2009


Over the weekend, a screening of the upcoming Matthew Vaughn film Kick-Ass — based on a comic by Wanted writer Mark Millar — brought down the house at BNAT, the annual Austin birthday party for Ain’t It Cool News headgeek Harry Knowles at the Alamo Drafthouse. Witnesses said that Kick-Ass, which played second to last in the 24-hour marathon style party, out-shined the James Cameron epic Avatar, a film that’s been getting some serious love from critics, including yours truly.

And while we’re skeptical of the buzz from BNAT, as attendees had been sitting through 20+ hours of movies before seeing the heavy-duty CGI masterwork Avatar, we are excited about the prospects of Kick-Ass, a movie that takes to the notion of real-life costumed crime fighters, if those crime fighters were idealistic kids with no real powers.

UGO has released two looks at one of the film’s most fascinating characters, Big Daddy, played by Nicolas Cage. Big Daddy is a former cop who is crazy enough to prep his 11-year old daughter (Chloe Moretz) for the life of a crime fighter. She eventually becomes the sword-wielding Hit-Girl, a badass young lady who does damage to the criminal underworld. But before she can get there, she needs to learn how to take a bullet. Which is where we pick up with this new redband clip:

As well, there is also a look at Big Daddy in costume with a new character poster. You might remember that we had previously explored posters featuring the title character Kick-Ass and the Christopher “McLovin” Mintz-Plasse character Red Mist. This one shows off the very Batman-esque garb of Big Daddy, a guy who really might kick your ass:


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