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Review – "The Road" by MovieDriver…

The Road Review

Finally got time and went to see “The Road”. It is a simple story about a Father trying to keep his young Son safe after the world had been destroyed by “something”. It is a bleak story but I feel in the end it shows how mankind can find a way to pick itself up and go on…

I have read some reviews that say, The Road goes nowhere, I think this misses the point. It is NOT a story that ‘goes nowhere” it is a story of the “journey to somewhere” that a father and son take to somehow stay alive. It is a story of how a Man can continue to go forward when in reality he knows it would be much easier to give up and use his last 2 bullets to end the pain for his son and himself. But he doesn’t because he still has a sliver of hope and does not want his son to give up either. In reality, it looks like the World is dead and there is no reason to go on.

It was great acting as usual by Viggo but young Kodi was also great. He had some really emotional scenes and he did great. It’s nice to see a kid who is not afraid to show his emotions and he made me feel his pain. How scared must this boy be to see all the horrors he has seen and still hope that some mankind is still good. He is just a little boy but he is the reason we all go forward. Even if his future looks like there is no reason to go on.

One of the most emotional scenes is this…Man has Boy in headlock and threatens to cut his throat. Poppa shoots bad guy in head and boy goes in to shock. Poppa takes Kodi down to stream to clean the blood and brain off of him. Kodi comes out of it and really starts to cry over what has just happened. It was heart wrenching to watch this scene. This Boy was terrified over almost dying. Having to see a Man get shot and have his blood and brains on him, horrible..Poppa just hugs him to try to sooth the pain…I cried deeply at this scene…

** Found out today 12/23 from LA Times article that this scene was shot early in filming and Kodi really just broke down. He did his lines so Viggo kept acting and after they quit filming Kodi kept crying and Viggo just held him so he would feel better. Kodi’s father let Viggo console him because he knew it would bring them closer together for the film..That is a brave father…

If I was that Father I don’t know if I would go on, in this destroyed World. I do know that I would protect my boy, any boy with my life. What a horrible dilemma that I hope I never have to face. You never know how the future will be for all of us but it’s not like it could never happen. How horrible he must have felt when he knew he was going to die and leave his boy alone to face this terrifying world, scared, cold and unprotected.

In the end, “The Road” is a story about a Father who is trying to protect his son so that he can continue forward toward hopefully a better life, with a future… It was hard to watch but I am glad I took this journey.

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