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TV – Awesome '24' Season 8 Trailer


A short 30-second TV spot for the upcoming season of awesome (read: 24) was picked up by SpoilerTV today and it shows exactly what we’ve come to expect from the season: intensity and action.

Titled “The World Hangs in the Balance,” this trailer brings the power and energy as well as some looks at the new characters that the previous 24 Season 8 trailer from October didn’t show. That one focused on the story and is a must-watch as well.

Check out the new teaser below.


Season 8 (Day 8) follows the immortal Jack Bauer getting pulled into a fight against an assassination scheme made public during a peace conference between President Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones reprises the the role from last season) of the United States and President Omar Hassan (played by Anil Kapoor from Slumdog Millionaire) of the fictional Islamic Republic of Kamistan.

Better yet, we get to see CTU New York start up again and some new characters added to the agency including Freddie Prinze, Jr. and  Katee Sackhoff. Freddie Prinze Jr.!

Watch and enjoy:

I love 24 and I think Jack Bauer should fight terror forever until he ends it entirely.

What do you think of the latest for 24?

24 Season 8 is a mere few weeks away, premiering on January 17, 2010 on Fox.

Source: SpoilerTV


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  1. Professor Higgins
    December 21, 2009 at 5:08 PM

    Re: Our Views on ‘The Latest for 24’

    YES! We are definitely looking for to 24’s return! The theme of ‘attempt on a leader’s life’ does look like the writers of 24 were influenced by last years’ hit spy/thriller movie “The International,” which starred Clive Owens, and featured Cherry Jones’ old co-star from Doubt, Brian O’Byrne as a Day of the Jackal type hitman.

    Can someone please contact Cherry Jones and ask her what she thinks about all this? “The International” had a wonderful shoot-em-up scene at NYC’s Guggenheim Museum, so we know that ’24’ will not try that.

    Last year’s DC setting was great because it involved FBI Renee Walker (Annie Wersching) jumping into the Potomac and ou-tswimming a speedboat which was chasing her. That was after she swam to a yacht to discover the ‘bad guy’s plans’ which were conveniently displayed on the yacht’s kitchen table.

    YES! We are looking forward to ’24’ — and thank God football season is almost over.

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