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Warner Bros is 2009's Most Proftable Movie Studio

by Elisabeth Rappe Dec 28th 2009 // 2:35PM

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If Warner Bros was a movie character, it would be Demi Moore in Indecent Proposal — sexy, successful, and with piles upon piles of money to roll around in. That’s because as of today, according to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Warner Bros has become the most profitable studio of the year. With over $2 billion in domestic grosses, they now hold the movie industry record for most profitable studio. But even the record breaking is a little yawn-worthy for old Warner Bros. They broke the record last year too with $1.789 billion, so if there’s a trophy that gets passed around Tinseltown, they get to just polish it up and straighten it on their mantelpiece.

Of course, if you pay attention to box office numbers at all, this really comes as no surprise. They’ve had three incredible years when it comes to blockbusters. In 2007, they had three of the top ten highest grossing films with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I Am Legend, and 300. In 2008, a little movie called The Dark Knight raked in a hell of a lot of money, as did Sex in the City. This year, they’ve had three films crack the year’s top ten, including Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, The Hangover, and The Blind Side. I’m sure Sherlock Holmes will factor in there too once all the holiday pennies are counted. (All those numbers come from Box Office Mojo, who does all the math so we don’t have to.)

So, what’s their secret … besides a boy wizard franchise? One is tempted to say that they make a quality product, and take risks on filmmaker visions (see: Watchmen, Where the Wild Things Are), but still make sure to churn out the moviegoer-friendly commercial fare. There’s probably films on that money-maker list you don’t particularly like, but they were almost all worthy of your moviegoing dollar. They honor their franchises and they don’t micromanage. They take chances. And look how it pays off at the box office. Well done, Warner Bros — and better luck next year to everyone else.

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