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Photos – Over 30 Star Wars Photos That Have Never Been Seen Before

Total Film has published a portfolio of 30 never-before-seen photos taken on the sets of the original Star Wars films. And when we say mind-blowing, we’re not forcin’ around: Watch your childhoods get raped (in the good way) as your cherished intergalactic heroes indulge in extremely earthly vices! Tremble in fear as you witness ungodly genetic mutations fusing droids with Darths! Scream in terror as a beloved co-pilot is reduced to a bathmat and some fetching accessories.

You’ve already seen Ciggie-3PO, above. Can you handle the rest? It’s all right this way…


Kenny Baker, who played R2-D2 in all six of the films, wears the Darth Vader mask. This could have changed the course of Star Wars history considerably. (“Bee boop beep boo boo.” “No! No! That’s not true. That’s impossible!” “Beep boop beep.” “NO! NO!”)

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First Official Picture of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

January 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Harry Potter Theme Park 1

Spring 2010 is almost upon us, which means only one thing for Harry Potter fans worldwide: the opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando. Last month, I wrote about some of the awesome attractions awaiting guests at the park, including real-life replicas of The Three Broomsticks and Hogshead Pub taverns, a variety of thrill rides themed after the books and movies, and perhaps coolest of all, a giant replica of Hogwarts Castle.

While talking about the theme park was enough to juice up most Potter fans, many of us were left wondering when we were actually going to get our first look at it. Admittedly, the concept art (featured above) is beautiful, but how close would it be to the finished product? Now, we don’t have to wonder anymore.


Thanks to the good people at Universal, yesterday we got our first real look at the centerpiece of the park, Hogwarts Castle. To feast your eyes on the sumptuously detailed home of Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor, check out the image below.


Pretty cool, right? I definitely think so. Of course, according to an article in the UK’s Daily Mail, the exterior of Hogwart’s Castle isn’t fully completed yet. Unfinished or not, it sure looks great in this first picture. One of the biggest problems people have with theme parks is having to stand around waiting in lines to get in rides, but I don’t think people will mind waiting inside of Hogwarts Castle if the detail on the inside is as good as the detail on the outside.

Personally, I would love to see more pictures of the park, but considering that this is the first official image we’ve gotten and the park is supposed to open in only a few short months, it seems like Universal is keeping most of it under wraps. Oh well, I guess the only way I’ll be able to see it in its full glory is to schedule myself a vacation. Who’s coming with me?

What do you think of this first image? If you decide to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, what’s the first thing you plan on doing?

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Annie Leibovitz Vanity Fair Photo Shoot for 'WALL STREET 2'

January 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Josh Brolin, Oliver Stone, Michael Douglas, Shia LaBeouf, and Carey Mulligan on the set of Wall Street 2 slice.jpg

In this month’s Vanity Fair, Annie Leibovitz has taken some shots of the Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps cast.  Included are Josh Brolin, Oliver Stone, Michael Douglas, Shia LaBeouf, and Carey Mulligan.  They’ve also released a behind the scenes video when they were setting up some of the shots in downtown New York.  Hit the jump to see the pictures and watch the video.  Wall Street 2 arrives April 23.

Josh Brolin, Oliver Stone, Michael Douglas, Shia LaBeouf, and Carey Mulligan on the set of Wall Street 2.jpg

Michael Douglas in character as Gordon Gekko outside Federal Hall on Wall Stree.jpg

Here’s the synopsis from IMDb:

As the global economy teeters on the brink of disaster, a young Wall Street trader partners with disgraced former Wall Street corporate raider Gordon Gekko on a two-tiered mission: To alert the financial community to the coming doom, and to find out who was responsible for the death of the young trader’s mentor.

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First Trailer and New Images from Ridley Scott’s ROBIN HOOD Starring Russell Crowe

December 15, 2009 Leave a comment


The first trailer for Ridley Scott Robin Hood has come online and it looks like Universal is going to sell the film as Gladiator in medieval times.  I would say it looks like Kingdom of Heaven in England instead of Jerusalem.  Either way, you can’t sell a period action movie without rock music and the teaser rocks hard.  In all honesty, it’s not a bad trailer and I do like that it has almost no dialogue.

Some new images have landed online as well and they look a lot like what you would expect a “Robin Hood” movie to look like.  There’s horses, and corsets, and swords, and leather clothing, but in the context of a medieval time period and not a kinky sex club.    The images also give us the first real look at Cate Blanchett as Maid Marian and again, no surprised.  My big anxiety about Ridley Scott’s adaptation is we’re all going to be left wondering, “Why?”

Hit the jump to check out the trailer and the new images.  Robin Hood hits theaters on May 14, 2010.

[Update: You can now see the trailer in HD by clicking over to Apple]

To see the full gallery, click on over to





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13 Most Dangerous Movie Stunts Done Without Stunt Doubles

December 11, 2009 Leave a comment


If Hollywood is known for one thing, it would be how faked everything is. Movies sets are reduced to green screens, props, and some great acting. Today, stunts have been made to look real by professionals sitting behind a computer editing film for hours on end – but the art of the stunt has not been completely forgotten by some actors that feel the need to put themselves in harm’s way to make a great performance.

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Daniel Craig

Image Source

After Daniel Craig took up the role of super-suave James Bond in Casino Royale, he was faced with the challenge of doing most of his own stunts. Sure, he went through loads of punch-ups and acquired scratches and bruises all over, but the real challenge came when he was cast for Quantum of Solace in 2008. Craig was faced with one of his most challenging stunts yet – a leap of faith from three stories up, onto a moving bus. Now this may seem like a cakewalk for most stuntmen, but Daniel Craig has a fear of heights. This stunt was so dangerous ultimately because he had to know exactly when to jump – moments before the bus would be under him. Had he missed his cue or jumped too soon, he would have either been run over by a large motor vehicle, or hit the hard ground.

Buster Keaton

Image Source

Buster Keaton was known in the physical comedy era as “The Great Stone Face” because of his famous deadpan expression. Some of his more dangerous stunts can be seen in the 1920’s flick Sherlock Jr., where he actually broke his neck in a scene involving a water tank on a railroad. Topping that came when Buster was in a gag that involved a 2,000-pound, 3-story house which fell onto him, and the only thing stopping him from getting crushed was a window that let him pass through the house with only a few spare inches around him. Buster Keaton managed to live a long and successful life, despite all of the dangerous stunts he pulled off. He died of lung cancer in 1966 at the age of 70.

Harold Lloyd

Image Source

Another great actor of the silent (and sometimes not) classic comedy films, Harold Lloyd made nearly 200 films between the years 1914 and 1947. Lloyd was known as a true movie daredevil, most of his films had him performing some thrilling stunts, which kept his audiences in a sweat. In 1919 he was in a scene in Haunted Spooks where he was to carry around a prop bomb; however, the prop bomb was actually functional, and it exploded. In the explosion, Lloyd lost his index finger and thumb. Lloyd’s other famous stunts involved walking on skyscrapers and hanging from a clock tower in Safety Last! Harold Lloyd died in 1971 of prostate cancer at the age of 77.

Matt Damon

Image Source

As Jason Bourne, Matt Damon had to do the majority of his own stunts. Damon said he was especially nervous when he was doing a scene in the water, because “to drown is a very human fear.” When panic sets in, a stunt can be dangerous to all of the stunt cast and crew, but luckily Damon had it under control. Another scene in a Bourne film had him jumping over off a bridge, which was also fairly unnerving for the actor. He also did all the car crash stunts in the series. Matt Damon has also done other stunts in films such as Saving Private Ryan, and Courage Under Fire.

Christian Bale

Image Source

Christian Bale is no
stranger to the danger of a good stunt. In Batman, he did all his own kicking, punching, and running. In Rescue Dawn he swung from a helicopter – dangerous, yes, but insane? No. What was insane was losing 63 pounds in a matter of months for his role in The Machinist. Bale went on a crash diet of nothing but coffee and apples. If you’ve seen the film, you’ll notice that his character starts out at a healthy weight, and then deteriorates. Director Brad Anderson never asked Bale to perform such a task, but in the end Bale was quoted as saying that it was “very calming mentally.” At his peak of weight loss, he tipped the scale at 121 pounds.

Jackie Chan

Image Source

Jackie Chan’s long list of stunts are almost equally dangerous, to the point where choosing a ‘most dangerous’ one would not do him enough justice. He got cuts, bruises, 2nd degree burns and almost paralyzed himself while shooting Police Story, injured his neck in a clock tower free-fall in Project A, cracked his head open to the point where he bled out of his ears in Armor Of God. His most dangerous stunt is one that if done wrong, would have definitely killed him. In Who Am I? he had to fight off bad guys on top of a very high building in Holland. He had to get down to the ground below using the quickest way possible – which was to slide down the side of the 21-story building (which was slanted about 45 degrees). Jackie Chan remains one of the most inspirational stuntmen in modern film.

Viggo Mortensen

Image Source

In his breakthrough role as Aragorn in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Viggo Mortensen performed all of his own stunts. Peter Jackson referred to Viggo, and two other stuntmen as “the walking wounded” due to all of the injuries they sustained while filming the trilogy. While filming a fight scene, Viggo actually had one of his teeth knocked out and had it repaired over lunch, and returned to work immediately afterward. However, his most dangerous stunts were actually performed in the movie Hidalgo, where he was to race at breakneck speeds on horseback – a stunt that the professional stuntmen would not even attempt. Luckily Viggo is a skilled horseback rider and did not sustain any injuries at all during filming.

Tom Cruise

Image Source

Surprisingly, Tom Cruise’s most dangerous stunt was not jumping up and down on Oprah’s sofas. Cruise has been known to do his own stunts in action movies, but in Mission: Impossible he was quite adventurous. He dodged trucks, did some extreme rock climbing and could have even drowned. In the scene where a large number of aquariums inside a restaurant were broken, shards of glass and a flood of 16 tons of water came rushing towards our dearest hero and could have easily killed him. Originally the stunt was to be done with a stuntman, but the director felt that the scene wasn’t real enough without having Cruise to do it himself, so he stepped up to the plate and pulled it off like a champ.

Keanu Reeves

Image Source

Keanu is one of those guys that you poke fun of for having a lack of any emotion, expression, and most of the time, a lack of presence. That being said, Keanu is a man of action. He’s not afraid to get down and dirty to pull off a stunt. Most notably in the movie Speed, Keanu’s director, Jan de Bont, would not allow him to attempt one of the movies more dangerous stunts where Keanu’s character Traven was to jump from a car onto the bus at high speeds. However, Keanu secretly rehearsed the scene, practicing day in and day out without the director knowing – and on the day of the scene Keanu insisted on doing the stunt himself and almost gave de Bont a heart attack by executing it flawlessly.

Harrison Ford

Image Source

Harrison Ford’s most famous roles include Han Solo from Star Wars, as well as the Indiana Jones series. As Indy, Harrison Ford was set up to do many of his own stunts. Even in the most recent Indiana Jones flick, Harrison Ford did 90% of his own stunts. Not bad for a 65 year-old man! Harrison’s stunts were only really considered dangerous because of his age, but he would repeatedly attempt the same stunt until he got it right, without taking a break.

Sylvester Stallone

Image Source

Even Rambo himself can’t stop the aging process. Sylvester Stallone, at the age of 61, performed a great deal of his own stunts in the most
recent Rambo movie, proving that age is only a number. Of course, his ripped physique and a lot of experience led this actor to do his own risky stunts in the entire Rambo series.

Jason Statham

Image Source

You’ve seen him in movies like Snatch, The Italian Job, and The Transporter. His passion for stunt driving has lead him into some very dangerous situations, like when filming the movie Crank. Statham had to drive high-speed through the streets of LA on a motorbike – wearing nothing but a hospital gown. Had he crashed, he would have not only taken a fair bit of road-rash, but also a fair bit of public embarrassment. Statham also did his own stunts in Death Race.

Brandon Lee

Image Source

Bruce Lee was a great action movie hero and a professional in martial arts. His son, Brandon Lee was following in his father’s footsteps when he died. In the movie The Crow, the stunts were not so extreme, but in the end it was an unknowingly dangerous stunt that lead to a fatal injury. In a prop malfunction, a blank bullet had been lodged into the gun and on the next trigger pull, Lee was shot. When the director yelled, “cut” Lee was unresponsive. He died hours later at the age of 28.

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The Gang’s All Here with a Full Cast Image from TOY STORY 3

December 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Moviefone has debuted a new image from Toy Story 3 and it features the whole cast of characters looking up in awe at the day-care center where they reside after parting ways with Andy.  Well, not all the characters are looking up in awe.  Woody appears slightly unnerved by his new surroundings.  Also, Mrs. Potato Head is missing an eye yet no one seems bothered, not even Mrs. Potato Head.

Of course, Woody will turn out to be right as the plot revolves around him trying to break all of them out of the day-care center and find a new owner who gives them the love and respect they deserve.  Hopefully, that new owner won’t be upset at having a one-eyed Mrs. Potato Head.

Hit the jump to check out the full image.  Toy Story 3 hits theaters on June 18, 2010.


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First Images from Warner Bros. 2010 Movies

December 4, 2009 Leave a comment

The Book Of Eli movie Denzel Washington (1).jpg

Warner Bros. has released their 2010 schedule and included a bunch of first look images from some of their biggest films.  While in years past they would include a synopsis for each film to go along with the images, for now they’ve only provided a release date and the category it’s in.  Saying that, if you’d like to see the first images from Ben Affleck’s The Town, the new Kevin Smith movie starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, Hubble 3D, The Lottery Ticket, Flipped, Going the Distance, and a lot more, hit the jump and take a look.

I would imagine WB is going to release synopses in the next few days.  If they do, I’ll update this story.  Until then, enjoy the images:

THE BOOK OF ELI (Action Adventure)

January 15

The Book Of Eli movie Denzel Washington.jpg

EDGE OF DARKNESS (Suspense Thriller)

January 29

Edge of Darkness Mel Gibson image (1).jpg

Edge of Darkness Mel Gibson image.jpg

VALENTINE’S DAY (Romantic Comedy)

February 12

Valentines Day movie image JENNIFER GARNER and ASHTON KUTCHER.jpg

Valentines Day movie image JENNIFER GARNER and JESSICA BIEL.jpg

Valentines Day movie image.jpg

UNTITLED COP MOVIE (Crime Comedy) – new Kevin Smith

February 26

Kevin Smith Cop Movie Tracy Morgan Bruce Willis.jpg

HUBBLE 3D (Documentary Adventure)

March 19 (IMAX)

Hubble 3D movie image.jpg

CLASH OF THE TITANS (Action Fantasy)

March 26

Clash of the Titans image Sam Worthington.jpg

THE LOSERS (Action Thriller)

April 9

The Losers movie image Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chris Evans, Jason Patric, oscar Jaenada, Idris Elba, Zoe Saldana and Columbus Short slice (1).jpg


April 30

A Nightmare on Elm Street.jpg

SEX AND THE CITY 2 (Romantic Comedy)

May 28

Sex and the City 2 movie image Sarah Jessica Parker (2).jpg

JONAH HEX (Action Thriller)

June 18

Joan Hex movie image Josh Brolin.jpg

INCEPTION (Sci-Fi Action)

July 16*


July 30



The Lottery Ticket movie image 1.jpg

The Lottery Ticket movie image.jpg

THE TOWN (Crime Drama)

September 10

The Town movie image BEN AFFLECK and JEREMY RENNER.jpg

The Town movie image JON HAMM.jpg

FLIPPED (Coming-of-Age Romantic Comedy)


FLIPPED movie image.jpg

GUARDIANS OF GA’HOOLE (Fantasy Adventure)

September 24*

GOING THE DISTANCE (Romantic Comedy)

October 8

Going the Distance movie image DREW BARRYMORE and JUSTIN LONG.jpg

PRISONERS (Suspense Thriller)


DUE DATE (Comedy)

November 5


November 19*

Harry Potter and the DEATHLY HALLOWS.jpg



YOGI BEAR (Live-Action/CG Animated Adventure in 3D)

December 17

LIFE AS WE KNOW IT (Romantic Comedy)

December 22

Life as We Know It movie image KATHERINE HEIGL and JOSH DUHAMEL.jpg

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